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EA Sports FC 24 Title Update 5 stops players from accidentally stumbling into possession like powerful idiots

Ultimate Team player items should also hopefully no longer randomly lose some PlayStyles during an Evolution.

Some players in EA Sports FC 24.
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The patch notes for EAFC 24’s soon-to-be-deployed fifth title update have arrived and, as usual, it’s chock full of fixes aimed at a number of frustrating and bizarre issues.

While there weren't any especially highly-publicised problems - such as the calf dribble glitch that the game’s fourth title update rectified in what should hopefully be permanent fashion - this one still has plenty to offer. In addition to having a slightly more stable experience performance-wise, you should no longer have to deal with players goofily stumbling back into possession once the new update goes live.

Yes, that’s right, nestled among the gameplay tweaks in Title Update 5’s patch notes is a fix designed to rectify “some instances of ball carriers unintentionally winning the ball back following a stumble animation when tackled.” So, now you don’t have to worry about some idiot savant defensive midfielder casually shrugging off your perfect two-footed slides into possession.

Those who aren’t fans of ghosts will also be glad to find out that “players rejoining the match from outside of the pitch” should no longer sometimes decide to pass through their fellow competitors. Meanwhile, Ultimate Team aficionados will no longer have to worry about player items “unintentionally (losing) some PlayStyles” when going through an Evolution.

The update also includes some more general gameplay alterations that could affect how you approach matches. These include a slight nerf to the speed of “ground Passes taken at extreme angles”, an improvement to how goalies react to near post shots, and a reduction to the crossing accuracy of players with Whipped Pass and Whipped Pass+ PlayStyles.

There’s also some good news for those who’re midway through a Manager Career, with that mode’s international matches hopefully no longer causing some players not to regenerate any stamina afterwards.

EA says that this latest title update “will soon be available” for EA Sports FC 24 across all platforms.

If you’re trying to win your way up through the online ranks of the game, make sure to check out our array of incredibly useful guides to the best Centurions to grab and put through an Evolution, including strikers and centre backs.

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