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Honkai: Star Rail shoots past one million PS5 players

Great news for the game that's still making serious bank worldwide. It's also, you know, good.

A PS5 DualShock controller with Honkai: Star Rail's Pom-Pom superimposed over the middle.
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Honkai: Star Rail has been going strong for a while now on PC and Mobile platforms, that much has been made clear through earnings reports as well as its general critical consensus. However, it looks like the game has been popping off on PS5 too.

According to a post from the official Honkai: Star Rail Twitter account, the game has now brought in over 1 million players on the platform. This news comes only around a month after Honkai was first released on PS5 back in October.

As a reward for helping HoyoVerse achieve this milestone, all of Star Rail's players will be recieving at least 200 stellar jades. An additional 180 stellar jades can be earned following a comment event on the HoyoLab website starting tomorrow. These will surely come in handy when version 1.5 launches later this month.

It goes to show that there's a real appetite for what HoyoVerse are selling - that being great games with (for better or worse) some hardcore gambling at their hearts. In my head, I'd be curious to see if there's a significant difference between how much PC, mobile, and PS5 players would spend on the gacha. I'd assume it would be less than on mobile, due to the normalcy of gacha games on that platform, but maybe after years of live service games being mainstream in the west this isn't the case. In either case, a good reason to check out some free stellar jade codes!

Have you picked up Honkai: Star Rail on PS5? If so, let us know how you're finding the game? If you're looking for more Honkai and gacha news, you can check out our coverage of the fried chicken promotion they did last month, as well as how Chinese gacha players recently paid for a Korean truck to protest a feature change!

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