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What's the best game set on a horrible island? The Best Games Ever Show Episode 48

The clever subtext here is that the definitive horrible island is Great Britain, hope that helps.

As most of us are residents of a horrible island, we at VG247 have raised a suspicious eyebrow at Dead Island 2 for being not set on an island or, frankly, horrible enough for our liking. Which has led us to ask the question: what is the best game set on a horrible island? There are so many to choose from, as islands are a popular setting in video games: their size is naturally limited, so it's much easier to proportion them realistically without surrounding the map with invisible walls. Everything from Morrowind to GTA V could potentially fit the bill. But none of our panellists picked those.

In order to find out what they actually picked, you'll have to listen to it, for which there are several handy methods below. Or you can watch it, because it's a proper video show now where you can actually see our faces:

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You could also simply read the spoilerrific summary below, if you're the sort of person who doesn't like surprises.


Tom picked Football Manager, because he does this every week, having decided that the normal rules of the panel game weren't spicy enough and so is playing his own personal meta-game on top where he crowbars Football Manager into every topic. We wish him well.


Connor went with 360-era assassin sim Dishonored on the grounds that it is critically acclaimed, and very obviously based on Britain (a wretched imperial island infested with cops and rats).


Thatcher's Techbase is a Doom 2 mod about trawling through the tenth circle of hell (the UK) in order to kill the demon Margaret Thatcher. It's really good, Jeremy Corbyn says so, and it's in a weird sort of Deep Impact/Armageddon dance with Duke Smoochem as the other game that satirises this absurd country via the medium of a 90s pseudo-3D game engine.

“What is VG247’s Best Games Ever Podcast?” you ask? Well, it is essentially a 30-minute panel show where people (Jim Trinca and associates) decide on the best game in a specific category. That's it. It's good. Listen to it.

Come back in a week for another exciting instalment of the Best Games Ever Show.